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First Baptist Church of Coolidge
Thursday, September 29, 2016
He Came--We Go!

Welcome to the Home Page of First Baptist Church, Coolidge!  Links to various points of interest and Questions you may have are listed below.


Wednesday Night Prayer in September


Each Wednesday Evening we are hosting Prayer meetings at 6:30 PM.  We will meet every other week at the church and then every other week at a member's home.  Contact Johnnie for more information Click Here


Our Winter Bible Conference is just around the corner. January 21-22 we will engage in our study of the Book of Malachi in a special study entitled:
We will begin taking orders for the study book in November. Cost is 7.99 and shipping will be paid for by our church.
We have a wonderful Saturday and Sunday together, having a light breakfast on Saturday morning at 8:30AM.  Classes will run through 2:00PM with lunch included.  On Sunday we will meet during normal Sunday Morning hours for our final two sessions.
Plan now and Save the Dates.

 2016 Sunday Morning
Message Theme

For 2016, our church has adopted for our Sunday Morning theme "Who is Jesus...Come and See!" This is based on what Jesus and the disciples were saying in the first chapter of the Gospel of John.  Our goal is to identify from the Gospel of John 10 Teachings concerning who Jesus is and the Ten Sighs the Apostle John gave us to verify who Jesus is.  We want to search out the Gospel of John together to identify the Authentic Jesus Christ and then apply what we learn to our lives today.
We will each month be studying one of the truths that John taught and will spend time seeing how he verified each truth for our lives today.  We will survey the entire book from January to October and by the end of this study we will have a clear idea of who Jesus is today and how He works in our lives to bless us and to bless Father God.
We hope you will join us in this journey.  Have you ever wondered exactly who Jesus is?  We would say to you today, "Come and See" for yourself who Jesus is and what He has to offer your life today.

A New Sermons Series for 2017 is being planned at this time.  Please pray for Pastor Chuck as he seeks to follow the will of the Lord in the development of the new series entitled:
The Power of the Gospel
In this series he will be looking at the power of the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ as presented in both the Old and New Testaments and he is asking God on your behalf to unleash the power of the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ into your life and into the life of your family and friends.  Plan now for 2017 to come and be a part of this great celebration of the power of God to change lives for His Glory!


304 Bell St.
PO Box 189
Coolidge, TX 76635


  Coolidge Community Thanksgiving Meal Planning Meeting October 8th at 10:00AM in the Fellowship Hall.  Everyone one interested in helping is asked to attend and to help finalize the plans for the annual meal in the Community Center of Coolidge.

This Year we are once again planning on going to sing Christmas Carols in local area nursing homes on Sunday evenings.  This will begin November 27 through December 11th. More information to come.
On Sunday December 18th we will host our Coolidge Christmas Caroling Hayride where we will meet at the church and ride around Coolidge, stopping to sing Christmas Carols at many different locations.  Then we will return to the church and enjoy a Hot Chocolate Fellowship with Christmas Goodies for all.
Save these dates and come and sing with us the joy of Christmas into the hearts of those to whom we sing!

Sunday Nights

For the next 7 Sunday Nights (Sept. 25- Nov. 9) our staff is taking your questions about the Bible and seeking to answering them in our Sunday Evening class.  We meet at 5:30PM for Snack Fellowship and the class begins at 6:00PM.  You can submit your questions at church or by clicking here to send it directly to Pastor Chuck. Come find out what the Bible says about that which is important to you.


Coming on Sunday Nights starting in January!

Come take

The Journey

with us.  The Journey is a year long study in Biblical Discipleship and is brand new for this next year.  Each week in class we will meet to discuss different aspects of the Christian Life and the process by which we, as Christians, seek to grow in our faith.

For more information you may contact Pastor Chuck by clicking here

More information to follow as we get closer to our start date.  Ask yourself one question.  Do you feel like you need to grow more as a Christian today?  Is one year's investment worth growing mature in your faith?  Then come and be a part of this great adventure!



Church Mission Statement


Worshiping God Together

Experiencing God

Reaching Out

Giving Generously


 Ps. 122:1, Heb. 10:24-25, Ps. 34:4-8, Acts 1:8

Luke 6:38


Vision of the First Baptist Church, Coolidge:  


Serving God Today:  Looking to Tomorrow

Phil. 3:12-14, Rev. 21 and 22


Simply Stated:  


 He Came, We Go!

Acts 4:19, 2 Cor. 5:16-21

Bi-Stone Baptist Association
The Annual Meeting of the Bi-Stone Baptist Association is scheduled for October 11th at Central Baptist Church in Thornton, TX.  The First Session begins at 5:00PM and following that we will adjourn for dinner.  Then the Second Session will follow dinner.
Come and hear all that God is doing in the cooperating churches of our Association and be able to pray for that which is planned for in the coming year.

Pastor Chuck is currently working to edit and upload the messages from the book of Revelation.  Check back for additions to the media collection. 
Follow Pastor Chuck on Twitter @fbccoolpastor
Sunday Morning Passage

In preparation for this next Sunday, read John 15:9-16:14 Ask the Holy Spirit to open your eyes to His teaching in this passage and all that He wants it to say to you today.

Then pray for our services and come and be a part of worshiping the Lord Jesus Christ in His very presence.

Morning Service Details Click Here 

   It is our desire as a church that you will feel welcome to come and be our guest.  We will not do anything to embarrass you in any way.  Please contact our pastor, Chuck Sturgeon, at chuck@fbccool.com with any questions or concerns. This email will come directly and privately to our pastor.