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First Baptist Church of Coolidge
Tuesday, May 24, 2016
He Came--We Go!

Welcome to the Home Page of First Baptist Church, Coolidge!  Links to various points of interest and Questions you may have are listed below.


In May we have the awaking of all creation to new life for this year.  It is a beautiful picture from the hand of God of what happens in the life of a person who by faith comes to the Lord Jesus Christ.  
In this month we continue preparations for our Summer Vacation Bible School.
VBS Submerged Logo

This year we are taking our VBS to  the streets.  We will be conducting Backyard Kids Clubs all around our city and will be have a special Friday Night Concert/Family Night out in the town.  We are preparing now for this and will have more information by next month as we continue to plan.
  If you are interested in helping, contact:
for more information.