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First Baptist Church of Coolidge
Sunday, February 07, 2016
He Came--We Go!

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In February this year we are preparing our hearts for our Easter Celebration at the end of March.  In our morning services we are learning about Jesus from the Gospel of John.  We will see the second and third signs of Jesus that John recorded and we will also look at the two key teachings of Jesus that accompanied these signs.  We are attempting to find out exactly who is the Authentic Jesus and what does He mean to our lives today.
On Sunday nights we will continue our survey of Church History. 
On Wednesdays we meet for prayer at 6:00PM.  A Mid-Week prayer meeting is a place of refuge, comfort and strength.  Pastor Chuck is pleased to pray with all who attend.
On February 14th we are having lunch after church and are calling it our Agape Love Feast.  Each family will bring enough for their family and a few more so that we will have plenty.  This is in the attempt to focus on the most authentic love in the whole universe that is only found by faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.  All other love is imitation and false.
We desire for you to feel comfortable to attend, to come and see for yourself all that Jesus can mean for you personally.  Please contact us and let us know how we can make you visit meaningful for you.

 2016 Sunday Morning
Message Theme

For 2016, our church has adopted for our Sunday Morning theme "Who is Jesus...Come and See!" This is based on what Jesus and the disciples were saying in the first chapter of the Gospel of John.  Our goal is to identify from the Gospel of John 10 Teachings concerning who Jesus is and the Ten Sighs the Apostle John gave us to verify who Jesus is.  We want to search out the Gospel of John together to identify the Authentic Jesus Christ and then apply what we learn to our lives today.
We will each month be studying one of the truths that John taught and will spend time seeing how he verified each truth for our lives today.  We will survey the entire book from January to October and by the end of this study we will have a clear idea of who Jesus is today and how He works in our lives to bless us and to bless Father God.
We hope you will join us in this journey.  Have you ever wondered exactly who Jesus is?  We would say to you today, "Come and See" for yourself who Jesus is and what He has to offer your life today.



Sunday Morning Emphasis for February 2016
 In our February Morning Services we will be specifically looking at what John has to say about the Jesus as the only way of Salvation. We will be in the 4th and 5th chapters of John, looking at the second and third signs Jesus performed and the second and third teachings that are supported by the signs.  We will see the power of Jesus to heal broken bodies and have confidence in God's power to work through faith in Jesus to remove our sin from our lives and to present us faultless before the Father.  Lastly we will look at four witnesses that authenticate Jesus as the promised Messiah from God for us.
This will be a great month in which we will learn more about the love of God for us found by faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.  Come and learn with us!
Sunday Nights
 We meet at 5:30PM in the Fellowship Hall for our Snack Fellowship.  Everyone is asked to bring a finger food snack to share in our fellowship time. Then at 6:00PM our study  begins.  Our first study this year was requested by our group last year and is entitled:
In this study we will survey Church History from Pentecost up to today.  We will survey the early years and then look more closely at the history of the Reformation and the birth of the Protestant church.  Then we will conclude with sessions specifically looking at Southern Baptist Church History.
In February, this class will meet Feb.  14 and Feb. 28.
Again, you are invited!  All classes will be casual and will be in the Fellowship Hall.



Church Mission Statement


Worshiping God Together

Experiencing God

Reaching Out

Giving Generously


 Ps. 122:1, Heb. 10:24-25, Ps. 34:4-8, Acts 1:8

Luke 6:38


Vision of the First Baptist Church, Coolidge:  


Serving God Today:  Looking to Tomorrow

Phil. 3:12-14, Rev. 21 and 22


Simply Stated:  


 He Came, We Go!

Acts 4:19, 2 Cor. 5:16-21

Bi-Stone Baptist Association is currently and prayerfully working on a new definition for the Equipping Team Ministry of our Association.  We are looking at a theme of "Church Health."  Pastor Chuck is interested in what that would mean to the churches of our Association.  He would like to ask for input from our churches and may be contacted at his email which is chuck@fbccool.com
Pastor Chuck is currently working to edit and upload last year's messages from the book of Revelation.  Check back for additions to the media collection. 
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Sunday Morning Passage

In preparation for this next Sunday, read John 4:1-26 and 39-42. Ask the Holy Spirit to open your eyes to His teaching in this passage and all that He wants it to mean to you today.

Then pray for our services and come and be a part of worshiping the Lord Jesus Christ in His very presence.


   It is our desire as a church that you will feel welcome to come and be our guest.  We will not do anything to embarrass you in any way.  Please contact our pastor, Chuck Sturgeon, at chuck@fbccool.com with any questions or concerns.