In the Heart of Central Texas, the First Baptist Church of Coolidge wants you to experience for yourself the Love of God found by Faith in Jesus Christ.
First Baptist Church of Coolidge
Tuesday, October 13, 2015
He Came--We Go!

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September Morning Service Theme

  Sunday Mornings in October, Pastor Chuck will be guiding us to learn more about what it means to, as a Christian, have an Outward Focus

It is easy to get comfortable in your pew and to think that all is well when in fact outside the church a war is raging over the souls of mankind.  We have found that if we do not take the battle for souls outside the walls of the church, then sooner than you think a battle will come inside the church.

Each Sunday Pastor Chuck will look at the different aspects of having an Outward focus.  We will look at the vital importance of being focused on missions, on evangelism, and on giving to support the church in the battle for the souls of mankind.  We will look at how we are to be "on mission" for Jesus no matter where that takes us. We will see the importance of missions support in prayer, in giving, and in going.  We believe as a church that since Jesus came, we are to go.  Where are you going for Jesus in your life as a Christian?

All are invited to come each Sunday and to learn more about the love of God for all mankind, and about the forgiveness of sin found by faith in Jesus Christ. 

 2015 Message Theme/Series

Each Sunday Pastor Chuck will focus our attention on how the Bible teaches us to more effectively follow the Lord Jesus Christ.  We will look at how the clutter of the world can collect into our lives and begin to hinder our fellowship with God through the Holy Spirit. 
Pastor Chuck will show us from the Bible how God teaches us to make His Pathway Straight Into Our Lives and what we must do to fully enjoy the uninterrupted fellowship of God in our lives today.
Each month we will take a different focus. 
In October, our emphasis is to understand how important it is to the Christian and the Church to have an Outward Focus.
Come be with us when you can and learn with us how to make God's Pathway Straight You Life.


Upcoming Events:
 Sunday Morning Series for 2015:
Making God's Pathway into Your Life Straight
This began February 1st. For 2015 we are looking at key areas in our lives where we can work to give God greater access and control, helping us to live our lives more like Jesus.
This Sunday Evening we will continue working with material of Thom Rainer's video series.  We will begin working on the importance of having a New Member's Class in our church.  We will look at the importance of having High Expectations of all of our church members and how communicating that from the beginning will help new members to more quickly become a part of what our church is doing. Come and help us to format this class for the life of our church.  
We will also continue our
Snack Fellowship at 5:30 PM
Study 6:00PM in the Fellowship Hall. Click Here for more information.

Wednesday Nights we are committed to reaching out to the Children and the Youth of our area.  The Youth meet from 5:00PM to 7:00PM with the Jr. High from 5-6 and the Sr. High from 6-7. Like all good Youth meetings this will include snacks and drinks.
At 5:30PM our Gospel Kids meet for a light evening snack and then continue until 7:00PM in their Gospel Project studies.
We invite all adults to come and be a part of this great ministry to our Children and our Youth which represent the future of our church.  Parents are also invited to come and sit in with their children.
Worship Team Rehearsal at 7:00PM in the Sanctuary.



Church Purpose Statement:

The First Baptist Church of Coolidge Exists to Reach People for Christ, to Teach People to Live Authentic Christian Lives, and to Send People to Tell Others about the Forgiveness and Love in Christ for them.

Matt. 28:19-20, Acts 1:8

Vision of the First Baptist Church, Coolidge:  


Serving God Today:  Looking to Tomorrow

Phil. 3:12-14, Rev. 21 and 22


Simply Stated:  


 He Came, We Go!

Acts 4:19, 2 Cor. 5:16-21

Bi-Stone Baptist Association is currently and prayerfully working on a new definition for the Equipping Team Ministry of our Association.  We are looking at a theme of "Church Health."  Pastor Chuck is interested in what that would mean to the churches of our Association.  He would like to ask for input from our churches and may be contacted at his email which is
Pastor Chuck is currently working to edit and upload last year's messages from the book of Revelation.  Check back for additions to the media collection.