In the Heart of Central Texas, the First Baptist Church of Coolidge wants you to experience for yourself the Love of God found by Faith in Jesus Christ.
First Baptist Church of Coolidge
Tuesday, December 01, 2015
He Came--We Go!

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December Morning Service Theme


On Sunday Mornings in December Pastor Chuck will be helping us to remember the Advent of Jesus in Bethlehem.  We will be looking at various Old Testament Prophesies that Jesus fulfilled in His coming and what that means about how we can trust God today to do all that He has said He will do.

The coming of Jesus in Bethlehem  speaks to the ministry of Jesus as the Son of Man, dying on the cross for our sin and raising from the tomb three days later to display the power of God to do the same for us.  The promise of God is that He will do the same for us if by faith we receive Jesus as our Lord and Savior.  As we view the dark and hopeless word in which we live, there is a light in our souls that only the Holy Spirit of God can place and keep in our lives.  Our prayer for you is that you will find the greatest hope of all, hope in the promise of God found by faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.

You are invited to come each Sunday and to learn more about the love of God for all mankind, and about the forgiveness of sin found by faith in Jesus Christ.