Worshiping God Together - Experiencing God - Serving Others - Giving Generously
First Baptist Church of Coolidge
Wednesday, May 22, 2019
He Came--We Go!


At FBC Coolidge we believe in a loving God who sent His One and Only Son Jesus to die for us.  As such, we believe that the work of our church should always be about the love and forgiveness found in Jesus for all who will believe in Jesus as their Lord and Savior.
That is why we say:
It's all about God's love for you!
That is why we, as a church, have committed ourselves to being an Authentic New Testament Church that has but one primary purpose.
We exist to worship the Lord our God with all our hearts and all our souls.  In so doing this, we call upon Father God to reveal His Glory in His manifest presence in our lives and in our worship services each week. We prayerfully prepare and come with the expectation of experiencing in our services that which only God can do.
As a result of experiencing His revealed Glory, we cannot help but to seek to share the Gospel Message of God's love and forgiveness found by faith in the Lord Jesus Christ with people who are desperate, like we were, to find meaning and purpose in this life . 
We take the time and make the effort to learn from the Bible more about our Lord Jesus Christ so that our lives are transformed by the work of the Holy Spirit in us to make us more like Jesus. 
We then experience the call of God on our lives to serve in a unique place and way for which God has equipped us and prepared us to serve.