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First Baptist Church of Coolidge
Saturday, November 18, 2017
He Came--We Go!

Sunday Morning Message


Our 2017  Message Theme is:

"The Power of the Gospel"


 In 2017  we are looking at the Power of the Gospel Message.  Each month we will focus on a different aspect of the Gospel Message and from both Old and New Testament passages we will examine what the Gospel is, how it works, what it accomplishes, and how we as Authentic Christians are obligated by the Gospel to share it will everyone we meet. 



Sunday Mornings
 Come and enjoy our morning service which starts at 10:30AM. In this service we simply seek to sings songs of praise, read the Word of God and hear a message from the Word of God.  Nobody will seek to point you out or embarrass you in any way.  We will just be happy you are here to encounter the Lord Jesus Christ with us.

  You are also invited to Bible Study at 9:15AM.  (We'll have the coffee on!)
 Come and be together in His Presence with us!