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First Baptist Church of Coolidge
Thursday, January 18, 2018
He Came--We Go!

Sunday Morning Message


Our 2018  Message Theme is:

"Truth for Today: Hope for Tomorrow"


 In Rock Solid Truth is that which not only guides your life today.  It is also that which leads us to Hope For Tomorrow.  Christians seek through years of devotion and study to identify the rock solid truths of the Bible and then, by faith in Jesus, they seek to apply these truths to how they live today.  The amazing thing we discover is that as we apply these truths to our lives today, our ability to have great hope for the future multiplies at a heavenly rate! 


Each Sunday Morning Message in 2018 will deal with Rock Solid Truths from the Bible that we, as Christians, must know and accept into our lives.  Where our Christian Growth can get stalled is when we either do not know these truths or we do not choose to believe these truths.  When that happens, our Spiritual Maturity will suffer and instead of great hope, we will live with great doubts and fears.  Jesus never called us to live a life of doubt or fear.  He called us to live a Spirit-Filled Life in which we worship Father God in Spirit and in Truth and as a result we have a great hope for our future which is guaranteed by Father  God's infinite love for us.

Come each Sunday and see the Great Truths of the Bible that will change your Spiritual Life, that will kick start your Spiritual Growth, that will energize you for the days ahead.  Sunday mornings at 10:30AM in our Sanctuary.

This Sunday's Message
"Called by Grace"
2 Timothy 1:8-12
Many people have come to understand that it is important to find one's calling in life.  Who can forget the advice attributed to Confucius that says "Do what you love and you will never work a day!" Many young people switch their majors in college multiple times trying to discover exactly what their calling is.  Others think they have found their calling and as the immerse themselves into that work, find they were mistaken.  Finding your calling is, by definition, a very important things.  Some people even give up thinking that they have no calling in this life.
But what does the Bible say about what your calling is if you are an Authentic Follower of the Lord Jesus Christ? This Sunday we will study together from the passage above and see how the Grace of God has given a very special calling to each believer in the Lord Jesus Christ.  We will see how the Gospel has given us a Holy Appointment before God and we will see how Grace gives us a Holy Calling.  We will also see how we are sometimes given the privilege of suffering for the Gospel, and in so doing we gain a share in the suffering that our Lord experienced.  What a Holy Privilege that is to suffer for the sake of the Gospel.
The Rock Solid Truth for us is that all of this comes to us by the Grace of God that continues to operate in the life of the Authentic Christian to grow us more and more to be like Jesus.  Our Hope for Tomorrow will come from whom we know and to whom we have entrusted our eternities. A new insight into this passage will also reveal that something very special has been entrusted by God to all who have been called.  Come next Sunday and learn what this is all about!

Read the passage ahead and come prepared for the Presence of Father God as we study His Word.
Service begins at 10:30 AM.  We also offer Bible Classes for all ages beginning at 9:15AM each Sunday.  We have coffee in our Welcome Room that is there for your enjoyment.
Come and learn how to apply the great truths of the Bible in your life today.