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Wednesday, May 22, 2019
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Hurricane Harvey Disaster Relief

Hurricane Harvey Disaster Relief

People are asking how we can help.  Here is what our church is doing and recommends that you consider.  Our State Convention operates year round a well equipped Disaster Relief Team.  They respond to disasters all over the world. They are already deployed all over the state working to help the victims of this disaster.  
Our church with all the other member churches of our State Convention financially supports the ministry of our convention with regular financial contributions and offerings.  This pays all the administrative and operating costs of our Disaster Relief Team.  Any donations given by churches or by individuals for disaster relief is then able, 100%, to go to assist the victims of disasters like Harvey.
Below is  the Disaster Relief Page from the Southern Baptists of Texas Sate Convention  website which is www.sbtexas.com  In this page you will read a brief report of what is happening and how you can give money to help support this vital work.  You may also make donations directly to our church which then we will send 100% of money received to the Disaster Relief Fund.  This will pay for supplies, meals, laundry supplies, transportation cost for equipment, and direct support for victims.   
Please consider being a part of this effort to help the millions of people in the Houston area who have a long road ahead.  Let's stand with them and help them in the most effective way we can.  Be a part of helping Houston in the hour of their need.

Hurricane Harvey Response

As residents along the Texas Gulf Coast deal with Hurricane Harvey, SBTC churches and disaster relief units stand ready to assist. Multiple feeding units, laundry units and chaplains have already been deployed. One laundry/shower unit is based at Latham Springs Baptist Camp in Aquilla serving nearly 500 evacuees including special needs children and adults. Many other units are ready to travel including assessors, cleanup/recovery, communications, shower and mass feeding units. Our leaders are saying that this response will take at least 8 to 12 weeks.

Disaster relief units are ready to assist in the areas of: feeding, recovery, showers, water purification, assessment and chaplaincy. How can you help now?

  • Pray for those who are in the path of Hurricane Harvey and their families.
  • Pray for the first responders.
  • Pray for the volunteers preparing to respond.
  • Get trained so you can serve as a part of the SBTC Disaster Relief Ministry.
  • Give as you are led to support the Disaster Relief Ministry of the SBTC.
  • Ensure that you are a Disaster Ready Church.

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— Baptist Press:  Hurricane Harvey: Southern Baptists urged to pray
— TEXAN Online:  Disaster Relief teams aid 400 special needs victims evacuated from Hurricane Harvey

Make a Financial Donation

The Cooperative Program funds the ministry of Disaster Relief. During elevated crisis response times, additional support is needed to fund this missional endeavor of the SBTC. Prayerfully consider participating in the on-going relief ministry as teams deploy to represent Christ by meeting the needs of those who are hurting during difficult times. Donate online now to our general disaster relief fund. Every cent will go to the most crucial immediate needs!

Since we do not yet know the extent of the damage or what funds may be necessary, funds given to disaster relief will be allocated for general disaster relief purposes rather than for a specific disaster. This allows the use of donated funds for the most pressing current or future need. If you would like your donation to be designated for a specific disaster, please note that designation on your check and mail to:

Disaster Relief Ministry
Southern Baptists of Texas Convention
PO Box 1988
Grapevine, TX 76099




Only trained Disaster Relief Yellow Hats are allowed with our units. See the TRAINING SCHEDULE LINK below for important information regarding volunteer training. Training will be set up in areas outside of DFW, as needed. Please contact Scottie Stice if you have a group of 15 or more to set up a training time.

To volunteer to be trained as an SBTC Disaster Relief Volunteer, you must:

  • (1)  Be an active member of a Southern Baptist church.
  • (2)  Have a letter of recommendation from the Pastor on church letterhead for the individual(s) from that church.
  • (3)  Be at least 18 years old.
  • (4)  Be in good health.
  • (5)  Have a servant heart.