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First Baptist Church of Coolidge
Thursday, July 27, 2017
He Came--We Go!

Sunday Morning Message


Our 2017  Message Theme is:

"The Power of the Gospel"


 In 2017  we are looking at the Power of the Gospel Message.  Each month we will focus on a different aspect of the Gospel Message and from both Old and New Testament passages we will examine what the Gospel is, how it works, what it accomplishes, and how we as Authentic Christians are obligated by the Gospel to share it will everyone we meet. 


This Sunday's Message
For July our theme is the Freedom We Have in Christ and how the Gospel brings this Freedom to our lives today!
The Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ brings us away from the power of sin and gives us a freedom in Christ that is almost beyond our capacity to understand.  We are set free from the curse of sin, the power of sin, and the devastation that sin causes in the human life.
But with great freedom comes great responsibility.   Our founding fathers of the United States taught us this truth in the context of our nation.  But in the context of the faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, we must also understand the responsibilities that come with having been given so great a freedom by faith in Jesus Christ.
This Sunday, Pastor Chuck will take us to the book of Galatians to look at the responsibilities we have as Christians who have been called to God's side and given freedom from the power of sin.  We will look at the behaviors that Paul discusses and then compare our own lives to see if we are taking this responsibility seriously or if we have re-invited sin to enter our lives by disobedience to the commands of our Lord Jesus Christ.
 For next Sunday, read Galatians 5:13-15 in advance and prayerfully prepare to hear all that God will have for you this next Sunday. Come and be together in His Presence with us!