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First Baptist Church of Coolidge
Wednesday, February 21, 2018
He Came--We Go!

Sunday Morning Message


Our 2018  Message Theme is:

"Truth for Today: Hope for Tomorrow"


 In Rock Solid Truth is that which not only guides your life today.  It is also that which leads us to Hope For Tomorrow.  Christians seek through years of devotion and study to identify the rock solid truths of the Bible and then, by faith in Jesus, they seek to apply these truths to how they live today.  The amazing thing we discover is that as we apply these truths to our lives today, our ability to have great hope for the future multiplies at a heavenly rate! 


Each Sunday Morning Message in 2018 will deal with Rock Solid Truths from the Bible that we, as Christians, must know and accept into our lives.  Where our Christian Growth can get stalled is when we either do not know these truths or we do not choose to believe these truths.  When that happens, our Spiritual Maturity will suffer and instead of great hope, we will live with great doubts and fears.  Jesus never called us to live a life of doubt or fear.  He called us to live a Spirit-Filled Life in which we worship Father God in Spirit and in Truth and as a result we have a great hope for our future which is guaranteed by Father  God's infinite love for us.

Come each Sunday and see the Great Truths of the Bible that will change your Spiritual Life, that will kick start your Spiritual Growth, that will energize you for the days ahead.  Sunday mornings at 10:30AM in our Sanctuary.



This Sunday:


Relationships with others reflects a lot about how we think of ourselves.  In recent days we have seen tragedies happen that in many ways were created by broken or damages relationships.  Marriages fall about and families are destroyed because relationships that started full of hope have ended on the debris of broken relationships.  What can be done to help ensure such problems from entering into the relationships of Christians today?  What needs to change and how can we effecting change how our relationships exist and thrive today?
This Sunday, Pastor Chuck will bring a message entitled "One Another" which is a study in how Jesus taught His Disciples to relate to each other.  We will look at the Christ-like example of Christian Relationships found in the passage of scripture and take steps to learn how to implement these steps into our relationships today.  There is truth to be found today that will create hope for tomorrow in the lives of those who authentically seek to live a Christ-like life.
You are invited this Sunday to come and to learn with us how Jesus would have us to love and treat each other in ways that are not the normal ways of this world.  You will see how the love of Jesus moves into our hearts and affects positive change in the way we choose to treat each other.  Come this Sunday and learn this with us.

For next Sunday read John 13:12-17 and come prepared to examine the truth in this passage for today.

You are invited to come and to enjoy this time together as we learn more about how God would have us to have Truth for Today and Hope for Tomorrow.  Truth comes from a knowledge of the Word of God and Hope comes from a relationship with the One who made all of this possible for us to experience today.  Come and learn the Truths of the Bible so that you too can have the hope for Tomorrow that faith in God will give you today.

Bible Studies for all ages at 9:15 AM

Worship Service begins at 10:30AM

We will have coffee on in the Welcome Room near the Sanctuary!