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First Baptist Church of Coolidge
Thursday, October 18, 2018
He Came--We Go!

Sunday Morning Message


Our 2018  Message Theme is:

"Truth for Today: Hope for Tomorrow"


 In Rock Solid Truth is that which not only guides your life today.  It is also that which leads us to Hope For Tomorrow.  Christians seek through years of devotion and study to identify the rock solid truths of the Bible and then, by faith in Jesus, they seek to apply these truths to how they live today.  The amazing thing we discover is that as we apply these truths to our lives today, our ability to have great hope for the future multiplies at a heavenly rate! 


Each Sunday Morning Message in 2018 will deal with Rock Solid Truths from the Bible that we, as Christians, must know and accept into our lives.  Where our Christian Growth can get stalled is when we either do not know these truths or we do not choose to believe these truths.  When that happens, our Spiritual Maturity will suffer and instead of great hope, we will live with great doubts and fears.  Jesus never called us to live a life of doubt or fear.  He called us to live a Spirit-Filled Life in which we worship Father God in Spirit and in Truth and as a result we have a great hope for our future which is guaranteed by Father  God's infinite love for us.

Come each Sunday and see the Great Truths of the Bible that will change your Spiritual Life, that will kick start your Spiritual Growth, that will energize you for the days ahead.  Sunday mornings at 10:30AM in our Sanctuary.




This Sunday, October 14th, Pastor Chuck will bring a message entitled:

"Who Am I in Christ?"

based on John 1:12-13

When I was a youngster, I learned to love reading the Tarzan books.  I would immerse myself in those amazing stories.  One of the things that captured my attention was the fact that the young orphan, whose parents had died in the jungle, was taken in by a family of gorillas and raised to be a human gorilla.  But through happy circumstances, in later years he was discovered and taken home to England where he inherited his family income and was recognized as Lord Greystoke which was by right his name and station in life.  To go from being a human gorilla to being a wealthy Lord of England was for me, as a young reader, an amazing adventure.

But in true life I am afraid that many Christians do not understand the amazing transformation of both life and station that takes place when we by faith receive Jesus as our Lord and Savior.  We forget that we have also been adopted into the Royal Family of God and that Jesus has become our Elder Brother, the Firstborn of our Family. So many of our Christians today live as if what they achieve in this world and who they are today in the eyes of the world is the best they can achieve today.  They sadly miss the truth of what we will be looking at this Sunday, that they have been transformed by God from being the sinful enemies of God to being the beloved Royal Family of God.  They live their lives as in the world today and have little or no concept of how a Child of God should live in the fallen world today, let alone what are their rights and privileges that they have gained as a Child of God.

Consequently, they miss so many of the opportunities, blessings, and privileges of being a Child of God, mistakenly thinking that they have to wait until they reach Heaven before they can experience such joy at the hands of their Father.  What would happen to the church today if we, as the Royal Members of the Family of God, lived with a full appreciation of who we are in Christ?  We will examine the scriptures together and see if God is speaking to our hearts today about how we should live as His Royal Family in His world today.



Come this Sunday and join with us as we worship the Lord Jesus Christ.  He said that if two or more people would gather in His Name, that He would be with us in our midst.  So we invite you to come and experience the Presence of the Lord Jesus Christ as we learn more about what faith in the Lord Jesus is all about from the Bible. 

We have Bible study classes that meet at 9:15 AM and then our morning service begins at 10:30 AM. We will have coffee in our Welcome Room to help get your morning started.  Come and join with us to experience this for yourself.