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First Baptist Church of Coolidge
Wednesday, May 22, 2019
He Came--We Go!

Revelation Road

Revelation Road 2014 Sermon Sunday Morning Sermon Series

Beginning December 29, 2013 and continuing through 2014 Pastor Chuck is preaching and teaching through the book of Revelation.  The sermon series, entitled "Revelation Road" is a primarily literal interpretation of the book of Revelation from a Futurist Premillennial Pretribulation view point.  Other views will be touched on as a way of understanding what others have thought concerning the interpretation of this great book.  But the content of the messages and the interpretations offered by Pastor Chuck will, as stated come from a view that is first literal in consideration and Futurist Premillennial Pretribulation in interpretation.
Recordings of each message will be downloaded and listed on the linked recording page  (link on top of this page) for listeners to download.  Pastor Chuck will, on a limited basis, be available by email to offer further clarifications and encouragement. His email is: 
It is the prayer of the people of First Baptist Church, Coolidge that this study will encourage all believers who participate in this study to look with reverential awe at all God has revealed for us in this book. We pray that each participant will apply the great doctrines of this book to their lives to increase their confidence in the future and to greatly increase their boldness in their service for the Lord today.